Who am I?

Sitting somewhere between a graphic designer and an artist, I usually describe myself as a graphic artist. Having studied both graphic design and fine art, it always seemed like the best description!


Despite having learnt to paint in the traditional way, with tuition from the late artist, Robert Lenkiewicz, my paintings always ended up having a graphical look about them - I just couldn't get away from it! Some of my influences also happen to be from a graphical leaning artists, such as Andy Warhol, Paul Insect - and Juan Sly, mainly for his humourous spray-paintings on paper.


There is no meaning to my art - everything exists on the surface. They are just simply 'pretty pictures'. As Andy Warhol said about his art "......There's nothing behind it"!

All art images on this website are copyright of Joe Stoneman. For any image use enquiries please contact joe stoneman