Circolari y0 Petrolio

(Circulars y0 Petroleum)


Mixed media, then printed on paper

Circolari y0 (Petrolio) - print on paper
Melonchaos - print on paper


Print on paper. 24cm x 25cm

Geopattern I - print on paper

Geopattern I


Detail of 638D print


Print on paper



Cerchi II - print on paper

Cerchi II

(Circles II)


Mixed media

Circulo I - print on paper

Circulo I

Digital media, then printed on paper

Chevrons I - print on paper


Printed on paper

Twist Lines V - print on paper

Twist Lines V

Mixed media

Cerchi III - print on paper

Cerchi III

Mixed media, then printed on paper

C99 - - print on paper


A print

Cerchi di Linee I - print on paper

Cerchi di Linee I

(Circles of Lines I)

Printed on paper

Waves II - print on paper

Waves II

Digital media, then printed onto paper

Cerchi I - print on paper

Cerchi I

(Circles I)

Sematic II - print on paper

Sematic II

David Bowie poster

David Bowie poster

A work-in-progress, 2017

Montagne - print on paper


Digital media

Vortice H - print on photographic paper

Vortice H

Print on photographic paper

Untitled - MDF wood

Untitled, 2001

MDF wood with grooves cut into it

then ink, paint and gold powder applied

Detail of Onda 1a-F

Onda 1a-F

Print on paper

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